Reliability Srevices
Reliability" refers to the probability that equipment; machinery or systems will perform their required functions satisfactorily under specific conditions, within a certain time period. This can be measured by mean time between failure (MTBF)-the duration or probability of failure-free performance under stated conditions.

The SKF services shown here are designed to help you achieve maximum reliability in developing new equipment, or maintaining equipment currently in use.
Vibration Monitoring & Analysis
Mounting & Dismounting Services
Shaft & Belt Alignment
PdM - Predictive Maintenance
PRM - Proactive Reliability Maintenance
AEO - Asset Efficiency Optimization
IMS - Integrated Maintenance Solution
The SKF Proactive Reliability Maintenance (PRM) process can help ensure the best possible return on plant assets. PRM is a condition-based maintenance equipment strategy, which helps identify problems in plant machinery and prevent them from recurring.

At its foundation is a systematic method to benchmark asset productivity and implement corrective actions that reduce total life cycle costs. It enables an organization to take complete control over what is happening on the plant floor. While traditional predictive maintenance processes form a sustained maintenance loop, the PRM process forms a continuous improvement loop.
To achieve Asset Efficiency Optimization, it is imperative that organisations have a process that effectively uses asset information. Capturing and documenting asset information from operational and historical perspectives is a key component of a successful asset management program. This information can enable the organisation to balance maximum performance and minimal timely maintenance to achieve cost and production goals. Integrating the right information into a decision process is a critical link in achieving a world-class operation.
Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is assessing the machine condition while in operation using condition monitoring technologies. Shutdowns are scheduled based upon machine problems, which are identified using sophisticated vibration and condition monitoring equipment. As a result, unplanned shutdowns are significantly reduced. Condition monitoring not only helps plant personnel reduce the possibility of catastrophic failure, but also allows them to order parts in advance, schedule manpower and plan other repairs during the downtime. Ideally, selecting the machines for the PdM programme is a result of conducting a maintenance strategy review.

The basis of an SKF Integrated Maintenance Solution (IMS) is a partnership where SKF is responsible for creating and implementing your asset management strategy with the ultimate goal of increasing the reliability and profitability of your plant. With an IMS agreement, SKF becomes an integral part of your operational team. We supply bearings, seals and lubricants and manage the maintenance of your machinery. We collaborate with you, combining our in-depth experience and expertise in asset management and knowledge of rotating equipment to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your assets.

Mounting is one of the critical stages of the bearing's lifecycle. If the bearing is not mounted properly using the correct method and tools, the bearing's service lifetime will be reduced. Around 16% of all premature bearing failures are a result of poor fitting or using incorrect mounting techniques.
At some point, the bearing will reach the end of its service life and will have to be replaced. Although the bearing may not be used again, it is extremely important to dismount it correctly so that the service life of the replacement bearing is not compromised.
SKF can supply experienced alignment service teams to tackle the most complex rotating and geometrical alignment jobs. This is supported by a dedicated SKF alignment competence center and a database of procedures for handling difficult alignment jobs, using the latest technology alignment equipment. In addition, our experienced alignment teams can assist in installation and machine alignment.

Correct shaft alignment can save up to 50% of costs related to rotating machinery breakdowns.

One of the common reasons for unplanned downtime of belt-driven machinery is pulley misalignment.
Dynamic Balancing