Training Programme
Training ® Training Programme
Balancing & Alignment
SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute is offering an extensive 3 day training course in analysis of bearing damage and corrective actions. This programme also addresses at length the issue of identifying spurious and reconditioned bearings.

Coming from SKF, where a wealth of knowledge and experience about proper use of bearings exists, this course will allow the participants to gain this knowledge and to put it to practice at their work place.
Bearing Maintenance Technology
SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute is offering an extensive 4 day residential training course in "Bearing Technology".

Most of the Engineering Colleges and Technical schools teach Mechanical Engineering students about journal bearings, but anti friction bearings are not dealt with in depth. Consequently, the engineers in our country are at a big disadvantage when it comes to selection and maintenance of bearings for optimum machine life and productivity.

Bearing Failures & Their Causes
Practical Vibration Analysis
Lubrication Monitoring & Analysis