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SKF hybrid bearings are made as standard of the same steel as the equivalent all-steel bearing. The standard stabilization temperatures are 120 C for deep grove ball bearings and 150 C for angular contact ball bearings. For continuous operation above these temperatures it is recommended to use bearings with rings that are dimensionally stabilized for use at higher operating temperatures e.g.
  - up to +150 C, suffix S0
  - up to +200 C, suffix S1.

Hybrid deep groove ball bearings stabilized to S0 or S1 etc. are normally not stocked.
Hybrid Bearings
If the standard range of INSOCOAT deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings is inadequate please contact the SKF application engineering service for information about the complete manufacturing programme of INSOCOAT bearings. Other types and sizes of INSOCOAT bearings that are not listed in the standard range and INSOCOAT bearings with an aluminium-oxide layer up to 300 m thickness on the bearing outer ring are available on request.
CARB Toroidal Roller Bearings
The CARB toroidal roller bearing is a completely new type of radial roller bearing. This compact self-aligning roller bearing was developed by SKF and introduced on the market in 1995. In a unique design, it combines the self-aligning capability of the spherical roller bearing with the unconstrained axial displacement ability of the cylindrical roller bearing. It can also have the compact cross section normally associated with the needle roller bearing.

The load carrying capacity of the CARB bearing is very high even when it has to compensate for angular misalignment or axial displacement.
INSOCOAT® Bearings
Bearings & Bearing Units for High Temperature
No Wear Bearings
For bearing arrangements, which have to operate at extreme temperatures in the range -150 to +350 C, or which have to withstand very large temperature differences, e.g. in kiln trucks, furnaces or the conveyor systems of lacquering equipment, normal rolling bearings are unsuitable. SKF has therefore developed high-temperature

  - deep groove ball bearings
  - Y-bearings
  - Y-bearing plummer block units
  - Y-bearing flanged units
NoWear bearings make sense whenever bearings are failing prematurely due to severe operating conditions. NoWear bearings can withstand longer periods of insufficient lubrication, sudden variations in load and rapid speed changes, vibrations and oscillations.
NoWear bearings open up new possibilities to existing applications operating under severe conditions, without introducing major design changes and enable freedom in new designs. They have already been proven in a wide range of extreme applications, including paper machines, marine and offshore applications, fans, compressors, hydraulic pumps and motors.
Bearing & Bearing Units with Solid Oil
Copper Head System Solution
In most applications, ordinary greases and lubricating oils will provide satisfactory lubrication to the bearing giving it an acceptable service life. However, there may be cases where lack of accessibility means that relubrication is virtually impossible, or where very good contaminant exclusion is required. Solid Oil - the third choice of lubrication - may be the answer, as it provides "lubrication for life" and good sealing.

Solid Oil has been very beneficial in outdoor lifting equipment, cranes and traverses, and in vertical shaft arrangements or where bearing arrangements cannot be reached for relubrication.