Products ® Seals
    * Radial Shaft Seals
    * Mechanical Seals

    * V-Ring Seals

    * Axial Clamp Seals

    * Wear Sleeves for Shaft repairs


Seals for Rotating Machine Components
     * Hydraulic Piston Seals

     * Hydraulic Rod Seals

     * Wiper Seals

     * Guide rings and guide strips

Seals represent an important part ofthe SKF business. The SKF range consists of seals in contact with stationary or sliding surfaces and covers virtually all applications. From Design concepts to high volume production, from orginal equipment to aftermarket, SKF can provide sealing solutions to its customers.

Seals for
   - Rotating machine components
   - Reciprocating components
   - Stationary Surfaces
   - PTFE Seals for Different purposes
Seals for Reciprocating Components
Seals for Stationary Surfaces
PTFE seals for different purposes
     * O - Rings

     * Back-up Rings

     * Piston and Rod Seals

     * Wiper Seals

     * Guide Strips

     * Radial Shaft Seals
     * PTFE Encapsulated O-Rings