Sensor-Bearing Units
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Sensor-Bearing Units
Exact information on the motion status of rotating or axially travelling components is decisive in many fields of engineering. Exact motion control becomes all the more important with the increasing necessity of automation of all kinds of processes. In addition, the demand to design more light-weight and simpler constructions calls for integral system solutions, e.g. for sensor bearing units to record:

      1. the number of revolutions.
      2. the speed.
      3. the direction of rotation.
      4. the relative position/counting.
      5. the acceleration or deceleration.

SKF Sensor-Bearing Units are mechatronic machine components covering the fields of both sensor and bearing engineering. They are virtually an ideal combination of a versatile ball bearing with a sensor unit shielded from external influences. The sensor body, impulse ring and bearing are mechanically attached to each other, forming an integral ready-to-mount unit.

The SKF designed and patented Sensor-Bearing Units are simple, robust and consist of

     -an SKF Explorer class deep groove ball bearing and
     -an SKF active sensor unit.

The SKF Sensor-Bearing Units are specially designed to perform as incremental encoders for motor and/or machine control. They are specially adapted to fit asynchronous motors, and provide compact and reliable encoding for their most demanding control. They are intended for applications with rotating inner ring and stationary outer ring. SKF Sensor-Bearing Units for applications with stationary inner ring and rotating outer ring, e.g for the use in conveyor systems, can be manufactured on request, please contact the SKF application engineering service.