Steer-By-Wire Modules
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Steer-By-Wire Modules
SKF Steer-By-Wire Modules are plug-and-play mechatronic components that combine intelligent sensing technology with operational functionality. The module provides an electronic signal that gives information on:

       1. the speed and acceleration of steering.
       2. the direction of steering.
       3. the relative position of the steering wheel.

The plug and play module includes

       -an SKF Explorer deep groove ball bearing
       -an active sensor
       -a steering shaft

which are compactly integrated into a strong steel housing. The exterior surfaces are galvanicly coated for protection against corrosion for severe environments. The modules have a temperature range from -40 to +70 C. They are sealed and greased for life and maintenance-free, thus relubrication and steering torque adjustments are never needed.