Mast Height Control Units
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Mast Height Control Units
SKF Mast Height Control units (MHC) are plug and play mechatronic components that combine intelligent sensing technology with operational functionality. They are used e.g. in fork lift trucks for control of the height position of the fork unit. The MHC unit provides an electronic signal that gives information on:

          1. the relative position of the mast.
          2. the direction the mast is moving.
          3. the speed and acceleration of the mast.

The MHC unit includes an SKF Explorer class deep groove ball bearing with active sensors integrated in either a pulley or cam roller arrangement. These units interface directly with the vehicle controller to provide useful information to the operator.
SKF MHC units are currently available in two designs:

          -A spring-loaded cam arrangement, using spring force to press the sensorized bearing against the moving part of the mast. The mechanical interface of the cam roller unit, which can be customized to meet the OEM requirements, is directly driven by the moving counter surface.

          -A pulley arrangement, driven either by a wire or belt that has been incorporated into the design of the mast height positioning system.