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Light weight and compact ,the SKF ThermoLaser utilizes advanced class II laser for  Accurate aiming and an infrared detector for measuring temperature.The ThermoLaser is extremely user-friendly-simply aim, pull the trigger and read the temperature on the large backlit display.No contact with hot surfaces or moving parts meanssafer,faster and easier temperature measurement.Additionally, the ThermoLaser allows temperature measurement where contact with a conventional temperature probe should be avoided to prevent surface contamination, making it ideal to use for measuring temperature of food processing applications


Non Contact Thermometer ThermoLaser TMTL 260
The SKF Infrared Thermometer CMAC 4200 - SL with laser sighting is a rugged,easy to use portable non- contact thermometer. Ideal for a broad range of maintenance tasks , the CMAC 4200 - SL may be connected directly to SKF's portable data collectors for quick, Accurate recording of temperatures. A useful on-board table including 30 pre-set material
emmisivity listings is easily accessed, allowing accurate temperature measurement of different material surfaces.

1.Wide temperature range of -30 to 900 C (-25 to 1,600 F).
The SKF Thermo Pen is a user-friendly, a durable pocket size thermometer.Its strudy flexible probe tip provides effective surface contact for accurate temperature measurement. Since no maintenance engineer should work without one, the Thermo Pen is supplied with a handy pouch with belt clip for protection and portability.

* Compact, ergonomic design
* Wide measurement range,from - 40 to 200 C
   (-40 to 392 F)
* Temperature reading selection in C or F
* Flexible probe tip for better surface contact,  
   providing high   measuring accuracy
Infra Red Thermometer CMAC 4200-SL
Multi Functional Tachometers TMRT Series

Electronic Stethoscope(TMST 2)*
The SKF TMRT series includes two user-friendly and accurate tachometers utilizing laser or contact for measuring rotational and linear speed. TMRT 1 and TMRT 1Ex. Equipped with laser and contact adaptor, both tachometers offer excellent speed measurement versatility in five different modes.Additionally,their large angular range of  80 to target facilitates the easy measurement in areas where straight -line access is difficult. The laser optical system allows easy and quick speed measurement at safe distance from rotating machinery.
1.The user can select to measure :
Rpm,rps,m,,ft or yds per minute or second.
Length or revolution counting, or time interval

The SKF TMST 2 is a high quality, sensitive instrument enabling the determination of troublesome machine parts by the detection of machine noises or vibrations. With the included headset, two different length probes, an adjustable sound level facility and a comparative pre-recorded demonstration CD, it is an ideal instrument for detecting troublesome machine parts or damaged bearings. The instrument, probes, headset and demonstration CD are supplied complete in a sturdy carrying case.
* User friendly
* Rugged construction
*Output for tape recording
* Pre-recorded demonstration CD for comparisons

Oil Check Monitor TMEH 1
The oil check measures the changes in dielectric constant of an oil. By comparing the measurements obtained from used and unused oils of the same type and brand, the SKF OilCheck is able to determine the degree of change in the condition of the oil. Dielectric change is directly related to the degradation and the contamination level of the oil and will allow the user to achieve optimised ntervals between oil changes and detect increased mechanical wear and loss of the oils lubricating properities.To facilitate trending the instrument is equipped with a numerical read-out.
A multi-parameter approach to condition monitoring provides two different methods for monitoring machinery condition. This allows early detection of specific machinery problems and provides more ways to measure changes in machinery condition.

The SKF Vibration Pen plus is a multi-parameter vibration monitoring tool capable of measuring overall vibration (caused by rotational and structural problems like imbalance, misalignment, looseness, etc.), and capable of acceleration enveloping measurements that measure vibration in higher frequencies (vibration caused by rolling element bearings or gear mesh problems).

Detects high frequency sounds produced by  operating equipment, leaks and electrical   discharges. Effectively identifies pressure/vacuum leaks, valve leakage or blockage, valve stems, steam trap problems, arcing and corona discharge and lubrication starvation.
Basic Condition Monitoring
Vibration Analysers
On-Line Condition Monitoring
Wireless Condition Monitoring
Thermo Pen(TMTP 200)*

Vibration Pen CMVP Series -CMVP  40, CMVP  50
Inspector 400 Ultrasonic Probe CMIN 400-K