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Kamal Bearings (P) Ltd
Regd Office: No.63, Shardanand Marg, G.B.Road, New Delhi - 110006. Phone:011-23211521, email:
Kamal Bearings (P) Limited was established in the year?. With a modest capital and a customer dedicated work force. Now, with the experience and knowledge about customer requirements, we serve the industrial customer's with quality products and have authorization from major production houses to sell their products.

We are the authorized supplier of SKF bearings which has a reputed name in the industrial sector and we as a part of SKF have created a huge space for SKF bearings in both sales and service area.

Our commitment to quality has made us important in the Industrial sector. We supply the required quality and quantity of the materials for the customer's at the right time. For us customers are the valuable resource.

We are having branches in three important industrial cities and our experience in the field has made us to cater the customer requirement with utmost satisfaction.

Kamal bearings (P) Ltd believes quality in spares is the key to quality products and follows it as a daily practice and stands firm for quality products and customer satisfaction.